Life : Where have I been?


1 + 2 / Paris Trip 
3 / New Docs - Church Boots
4 / Conditional Offer from Manchester (transfer)
5 / Personal drawings of my best friend (insta: sophieclaire96)
6 / More drawings of people (insta's: laurenduncss, rebekahroseharris, mamacitaramsay)
7 + 8 / New Topshop denim skirt

Okay so if you follow me on instagram, you will have most likely have already seen all these images ( as to why they're square) but I wanted to share, and kind of get back into all this???
So I haven't blogged in about 2 months and tbh I did have a reason and I don't? I think with most people who blog, there's days / times when you just cba. Work or uni takes priority and then you have to juggle a personal life and making sure you eat properly and get decent sleep - it all gets too much sometimes.
So my aim this time, until I finish my first year of uni (thank fuck) which will be the end of May, I'm just going to post occasionally, a bit like I am now. With some random photos and updates, so it's almost like a diary, and an outlet for me. Then when I'm finished with uni, I'll try to get back into more typical blogging perhaps, because I do enjoy it, I just need to be less shy about it all. (Any tips guys?)
I guess I need to stop worrying whether people actually read / enjoy my blog, and just do it because I want to do it!

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