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21/06/2015 United Kingdom

New Balance 574 (depop) ASOS
After spotting these trainers on the ASOS website, I knew I needed them. Now I know they're not to everyones taste, but I just fell in love (the heart wants what the heart wants); with the £70 price tag, even with student discount I couldn't justify them, so the depop gods were on my side and I bagged them for half the price!

Mango Basics Jumper - Charity 99p
I picked this up at a local charity shop when I dropped my sister off into town for a hair cut. It's a lovely soft thin knit, so I can still wear it during our British summer, plus for 99p I couldn't exactly say no.

River Island Bell Sleeve £22
I got this at Westfield London when my friend and I visited just under 2 weeks ago. Sometimes River Island is a hit and miss for me, I still have this idea of bright neon pink dresses and everyone and their moms owning the purses and bags there; recently though I've been surprised! I've got an outfit post featuring this, so check back to see that soon.

Zara V-neck £7.99 (similar)
I have a very distinct lack of basics, so I'm trying to buy things I know I can wear over and over, while being able to pair with things I already own. Zara have a range of super soft basics so I think I know where to go for more.

Zara TRF crop - £7.99
Another Zara top, but it was just the perfect cropped length and a bit of fun? Just another great top to chuck on with a denim skirt or jeans!

Hope everyone is okay, anyone got any new bits recently? Especially with summer sales starting!
C x


  1. I'm such a fan of new balance and you have definitely bagged yourself a gorgeous pair there - little bit of shoe envy!
    bec X

    1. Shoe envy is the worst! Never worn such comfortable trainers before! x

  2. Love the sneakers !


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