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Birmingham Trip

1. Changing Room - Forever 21
A few things I tried on in F21, I did actually go in twice and I've now made it one of my favourite stores. Not a fan of it online, but omg it was amazing. I'm pretty happy that Manchester Trafford Centre has one for when I move up there!

2. New 15/16 Diary - Paperchase
(can't find online)
I love being organised and what's going on, so of course I love using a diary. I didn't want to spend loads on one, although there is one in WHSmiths that I absolutely adore (here). So I picked up this brown paper one instead. It's just what I was after and for £6 it didn't break the bank.

3. Changing Room Selfie - Forever 21
(apparently unavailable online so check in store - similar here)
My new purchase! Oh my gosh I'm over the moon with it. I'm not sure whether I've made it public that I'm a massive fan of stripes, but tbh who isn't?! I've been after a simple stripe dress for years, and this just ticked all the boxes. It'a knitted material so is suitable for all year round and at £14 I'm completely obsessed!

This is what I wore for my outing in Birmingham. At first I was bit sceptical of wearing it out as it's not something I'd normally wear, but I think some days it's okay to switch it up a bit! I don't think I particularly have a set 'style' I kind of just wear what I fancy on day. Sometimes I like this approach and other days I wish I could find what I really really like wearing. Anyone else the same?

Top - Lazy Oaf
Skirt - Vintage (1 / 2 / 3
Boots - Dr Martens (cherry red)

C x


  1. You look amazing! Love the diary and I am definitely a fan of stripes too, haha! xx

    Liv |


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