OUTFIT: Bleach Jeans


'Are you ready?' Top - Zara
'Crappy Shopper' Tote - Lazy Oaf
Acid Splatter Jeans - Topshop (similar)
New Balance
Socks - Topshop // Belt - Charity (similar - ITS REVERSIBLE!?!!)

Behold my new favourite jeans! The depop gods answered my prayers yet again by helping me find these jeans after months of searching and at the fraction of the original price! I wore this the other day while going to pick my sister up from work and I really like the relaxed, casual vibe about it. 

Also isn't my new Lazy Oaf tote brilliant?! Now I know it's not to everyones taste, but I love me a good tote and this just ticked all the boxes. I also ordered this top which was in the sale (also sported by Pixie Lott) and I think I may need to order this dress. Never in a million years would I have thought I'd be considering ordering a dress like that but recently I've been inspired by trying new things, more colours, and being out of my comfort zone. Styles meant to be fun, right?

C x


  1. Love the jeans!!


  2. I love the bag, I think it's brilliant! Cool trainers too x

    Josie’s Journal

  3. I love your whole outfit so much!!!! and that tote is SO cute xo

  4. Yeah the bag is reallly cute and I love those jeans. xx

  5. haa i'm loving that the slogan on that tote, pretty much captures my essence ;) those jeans are a lovely find too! x
    natasha // eyebrows, inc.


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