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Being one of those humans that just doesn't 100% know what their style is and just wears whatever they fancy that day, it soon becomes quite difficult when it comes to shopping. One day I'll like something and the next I'll probably hate it. It's a viscous, stressful cycle that I want rid of.

Some days I fancy wearing short denim skirts with crop tops, looking like I've just come from a Topshop photoshoot (nothing wrong with this), some days I want to wear vintage mom jeans covered in what looks like paint with oversized t-shirts, others I want to wear trousers with my new fave CDG top and cool trainers. I know some of you may be reading and thinking 'that's all part of the fun dressing up and not being limited' and a couple months ago I thought exactly the same. But recently it's just frustrating. I want to wake up in a morning and know how I want to dress and what suits my body etc. 

I think I know how I want to dress, I have this idea in my head, but then I'll look at items that don't fit that 'category' and my mind changes all over again; tumblr and pinterest I'm looking at you. I guess this is all a part of growing and being an 'adult' but being an adult sucks. So for the moment and for however long this continues for, I'm just going to have to deal with this.

I know this post is kind of out of the blue and not something I'd normally post, but I guess I just needed somewhere to address my current style issue. If anyone else feels the same or used to and now has found their style, or a way for me to except it, then please comment below!

C x

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  1. I am feeling you! Sometimes I feel like I dont really have a style, and it is stresses me out! And my mind changes everytime and it is not funny at all! haha
    but at the same time it is cool to be able to change my style, and be open to everyting new...thinking maybe that will be your style...if that makes any sense.



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