LIFE : Tailoring Transformation


Hand made bags (fabric from Ikea)

Samples and sketches

Fabric and colour

Fabric and Colour

Mug with my designs on! (Thank you Dad)

Sketchbook work - sketches and sampling

(email and mobile scribbled out for obvious reasons)

Just some more imagery to update you on how my life looks at the moment! Just lots and lots of university work as there's a presentation for all my work in a couple of days. As you can probably imagine there's lots of stress at the moment. I will hopefully get some more Manchester 'lifestyle' posts soon though and I apologise for no outfit photos but again, I just don't have the time or anyone to ask (lol lame excuse). When Christmas break comes around, I plan on taking loads of photos and getting lots of draft posts ready for the new year. If you want to check out my 'online portfolio' then please have a look here!

How 'effin scary is it that it's almost 2016?! 
C x

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