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So it's now the 3rd January 2016, anyone done a lil sick in there mouth after hearing that? No? Just me then.
2015 has been a very strange year for me. I spent the first few months studying in Cardiff, but preparing to move to Manchester for second year. I had a complete change of scene and lifestyle when September hit and to begin with it was very scary. But I can now say that it was best decision I've ever made to move up north. I have some of the most wonderful friends, I love the city, I have the best job and my uni course is like a dream come true. 

What are my plans for 2016? Well like most people I'd like to go on holiday. I've only ever been on holidays with my parents or uni, so this year I'm determined to go to Barcelona with my best friend and sister. This all depends on when I start my placement which is another thing that this year will hold for me. I'm currently applying for an internship as part of my uni course, so my fingers are very crossed for it to become a reality. Living in London is going to be a hell of an adventure.

Now for the small things, I want to learn to cook and really look after my body. Just becoming more healthy and thinking about what I'm actually eating. This year and the next few to come are my selfish years. If you know me, I don't think of myself as a very selfish person, I've always just gone with what others want and making sure they're happy before me. Recently I've learnt that I can live like that, so 2016 is the year I become more confident in my decisions and focus on me.

Also (sorry this is pretty long), blogging. I will make time for it. I miss it. I miss writing down my thoughts and sharing my photos. Whether anyone cares or not, I love doing it and therefore I hope to spend more time in making my blog better. Step 1, is to buy myself and a camera, but the one I want is sold out :) life.

2016 brings so many new things for me and I want to share it all.

I hope 2016 brings you guys happiness, health and positivity.

C x

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