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So I am alive. I'm here.
Sticking to blogging didn't really happen and I knew it wouldn't, who was I kidding myself. 
I say this every time.
I love blogging and I will make time for it.

Here's a quick catch up of my life since New Year:
New project in collaboration with Old Navy
Lots of other new projects
Trip to Amsterdam (I will be back - maybe a blog post?)

Moms birthday
Day trips and family catch ups
Interview for a placement (didn't get it but got to the final 3!)
My birthday (I feel so old)

Big News:
As part of the new project and working with American Denim company, Old Navy, we had to create an apparel line for S/S. Producing a sketchbook full of designs, samples and design boards we would then present to our tutors. They would then go on to selecting a few students from each class (men's, women's and sports)to go for a potential interview with Old Navy for the oppurtunity to gain a 12 week placement based in San Francsico. 

I was 1 of 5 others from my Menswear class. Me. I was selected.

I'm so bloody proud of myself. My work got chosen. My passion for what I do, is actually being recognised. I know if I didn't get it that I've been given an amazing oppurtunity and it's given me that massive boost of confidence that I can do these things I put my mind to.

Everything is coming up Milhouse recently. Fingers crossed it stays that way. Thank you for reading my crappy, ramble posts and I hope I'll blog soon.

C x

Note to future self : please buy a camera soon

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