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I think every once in a while, I forget that it's okay to just take a few hours out of the day and spend it on my own. Just doing whatever it is I need to do. Whether it's just sitting watching one of my favourite films, reading a magazine, or having a walk into town.

I'm one of those people that feels guilty if they're not constantly doing work. That's how my course is, there's always something I could be doing. But recently I've learnt that I actually need to take some time out for myself otherwise I'll keep making myself warn out and ill.

These are a few photos I took while I was in town buying fabric whilst soaking up the sun and atmosphere. I was only there a couple hours, but it was really refreshing and meant I returned to my flat with a fresh mind and ready to start working again.

Having a break is okay and every one should remember that!
You gotta do you and look out for yo'self

C x

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