NEW IN : Is a spending ban in order?


Crochet Dress - H&M
Orange Tab Levi Skirt - Cow Vintage
DM's (Made in England) - Cow Vintage

Quick post (my speciality it seems)showing you some more recent purchases (I have more but they're difficult to take nice photos of). I really should be put on a spending ban but my excuse is that when I start back at uni, I won't have time to shop as I'll be working so much. Well at least that's what I'm telling myself.

I think everyone and their mums have seen this crochet dress from h&m and if you haven't then where have you been?! Just kidding it's £9.99 and it's a real beauty.
This orange tab levi skirt was a wonderful find at work, there I was prepping the new stock and this appeared. I had to have it. As well as these wonderful DM's!

I picked up more pieces from work and h&m because like I said, I have a problem. No doubt they'll be featured in some kind of outfit post soon!

C x

p.s sorry for the absence the past week or so, I've been so busy with uni work but I only have 2 hand ins left and then blogging will be more regular!

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