T-shirt : Cow Birmingham (online store here)
Dickies Trousers : Blue Rinse (details here)
Adidas Stan Smiths : Goodhood (here)

This outfit makes me think about how much my style has changed over the past couple of years, and how I'm becoming more accepting and happy with the way I look. If you'd have told me 18 months ago that I wouldn't be wearing skinny jeans anymore, I'd have laughed right in your face. But that's where I am now. I'm a lot more comfortable (and feel cooler) in more relaxed / boy skater styles. I often resemble a teenage boy.

I love instagram and reading blogs about other peoples style and how they wear certain garments; it gives me so much inspiration within my own way of dressing. I recently bought a red bodysuit from H&M after seeing the wonderful Daisy (@flossydaisy) posting it on her instagram. Again I don't think I've ever owned anything red, let only in a bodysuit with frilly sleeves and open back, but it's become a firm favourite in my wardrobe this summer. Wasn't I just saying I tend to dress like a stereotypical teenage boy. 
Before things like that would have annoyed me, that I can't pick one style and stick with it, that I enjoy being able to mix and match to suit me. Now that I have a variety of items, and building a wardrobe that I'm actually happy with, I don't mind mixing styles / trends that I think works for me and my personality. 

As I've got older I've become a lot more open to different styles and outfits; trying things on that I know probably won't suit me, but just giving it a go anyway. I like to take inspiration from other people but make it work for me. I'm a lot happier with my style, now I'm not trying to follow certain trends to the T, or copying someones whole outfit. Inspiration is key, and learning how to make it suit you.

C x

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