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If you follow me on instagram, you'll know that I went to Barcelona at the end of July so I wanted to share some of the many photos I took while I was there. Now I don't go to Europe very often, as a family we normally stick to UK holidays which has usually been just as exciting. Since starting University and having the opportunity to go on more trips, it has given me the insight into more countries and cultures; actually making me more determined to see more of the world we live on. 

It was a trip that consisted of myself, my best friend (@sophiect_), my sister (@emily_fearne), my sisters best friend (@lssdlr_) and my mom (@oldpostoffice). We all had an amazing time and visited so many places. The whole trip was completely overwhelming and I can't believe I've visited a place that's been on my bucket list for years. I'd definitely love to go back and I'm excited to see where my next trip takes me! If you want any recommendations or info on where we went or where we stayed, then just give me an email, or message me on any of my social media platforms; all of which are on the left hand side!

Enjoy! C x

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