LIFE : Weekend in Cardiff


After a few hectic weeks at work with LFW I decided I wanted to get out of London and spend my weekend in Cardiff, where my boyfriend lives. I spent my first year of university there so I'm very familiar and Ryan's flat has become almost a second home to me. To be able to spend a couple of days out of the Big Smoke and in a city I have a soft spot for has really helped me feel a whole lot better. 
We spent our full day together doing what we do best which is exploring, eating and charity shopping. Although I had no luck, Ryan did (which is a little annoying actually) you can see what he managed to pick up here.

As much as I'm starting to enjoy living in London, learning to love its quirks and get into the swing of a busy life, I think it's important to know when you need to take a step back and have time off; taking each day at a time folks! 

C x


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