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6. Loafer

I thought I'd share a quick round-up of things I'm loving on Boohoo at the moment and of course it's predominantly black. With Autumn drawing in, I'm finding myself edging back towards darker colours in my wardrobe, which isn't actually that difficult.  
Autumn / Winter is the perfect time to wear those dark, subdued colours but this year I want to make sure to inject a pop of colour every now and then so I don't look completely morbid.

I think all these items work really well together and can be layered very nicely - although I have noticed I'm lacking in the trouser department slightly. When it comes to this time I've year, I notice that I always seem to wear the same jacket and jumper combo because I never seem to have enough, so this year that will change! I will have a solid collection of knitwear and jackets to hand!

What are you lusting for this winter?
C x

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