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First things first, I apologise now that literally everything in this post is thrifted / second hand / sale finds, but it also re-iterates my whole point in the post. 

I've always loved vintage / charity shopping due to high street stores never fulfilling my 'style requirements'. The feeling of finding a gem in a local charity shop at the fraction of the cost whilst knowing that i'll probably never see anyone wearing the same is a dream for any teenage kid obsessed with tumblr. Although I have  been wearing the same bon marche top as an older lady on the bus once.

What I'm saying is that I bloody love bargains and I love vintage even more so it goes hand in hand (87% of the time). So this is a post showing you 3 pieces of knitwear I picked up the other week and  almost a warning that I will be sharing vintage pieces more because my collection keeps on growing!

C x

The Full Winter one
Jumper : Charity Shop
Cords : MHL (sample sale through work)
Nike Air Force 1s : Size?

This jumper just shows the magic of charity shops; a huge hand crocheted jumper that just screams 'I'm so ready for winter' even though you're pining for summer to come back. Paired with MHL Cords that I picked up at the sample sale at work, this creates one super heavy, wintery look; I'm sold.

The Christmas Party one
Jumper : Charity Shop
Slip : H&M Sale
CDG Converse : End

How to get away with wearing cosy knitwear to those all exclusive christmas / new years parties? Throw a slip dress over it! Well I guess christmas is the season to be jolly and this red jumper emulates that perfectly.

The 90's Garden Mom one
Jumper : Cardigan
Levi 501's : Flea Market
Nike : Depop

This is my 'mom who's just brought out a gardening book in the 90's look'. Yeah I'm not really sure what's happening either but i'm kinda digging it. A simple cream knitted jumper, 501's and a pair of nikes (or your fave trainers) and you've got yourself a casual autumn look.

Comment below what you guys think!

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