Holidays are coming : Boohoo edit


The Holidays are most definitely coming and there is nothing you can do to stop it!

Boohoo surprised me with the most wonderful Christmas package and it made me feel all festive and wonderful. If you didn't already know (as if I don't bang on about it enough) I'm a Student Ambassador for Boohoo hence the lovely gift below.

Inside the parcel was a Maltesers Advent Calendar which I'm currently debating eating all the chocolate at once, your standard sassy christmas card and some other goodies. Including a 'Santa on Fleek' jumper which you can find here, as well as a matching choker set which you can also find here.

My fave part is the personalised tree decoration that I will be hanging in my room, all year round, because why the hell not?! There was also a gorgeous highlighter and I'm so excited to use it, plus it's the time for glitter, sequins and tinsel so the more the merrier (excuse the pun).

After receiving this package, it's made me feel very festive and I'm definitely feeling the holiday spirit. I just want to go to cuddle up in bed with my santa jumper on with a big mug of hot chocolate and watch Elf... can I get anymore cliche if I tried?!

C x
p.s I'd love to read more christmassy blog posts so comment below!


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