Vintage Levis


501's - Vintage
Velvet Bomber - Boohoo

I'm here to share this amazing t-shirt I picked up from the Levi store on Carnaby Street the last weekend whilst shopping for Christmas presents...guilty.
The tees are super soft but as ever with the brand, I'm sure it'll only get better with age. Like wise with their other items, it's still heavily influenced by their vintage archives which I'm forever in love with. Being something I can wear to work and casual is perfect, making it a staple in my wardrobe.

Onto the jacket and it's one hell of a jacket. Velvet, tick. Quilted, tick. Bomber, tick. Warm and cosy, tick. I'm so bloody happy to have this in my possession because it makes me feel so sassy. It's the deepest blue colour which in my opinion is fabulous for all year round and it'll work wonderfully with the rest of my wardrobe (which I'm currently having a mild meltdown over). You're definitely going to see it on here a lot.

C x


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