Outfit : Velvet Ruffles


T-Bars - Dr Martens
Glittery socks - Topshop

First of all I need to learn to stand up straight, but in my defence it was raining when we took these photos. Anyway back to the outfit, this is my 2 trends in 1 outfit and I felt hella sassy.
I'm not typically one to follow trends and if I do then I like to work it into my existing wardrobe and make it suit me and my style (isn't that we what we all say?).

This ruffle tee has given me a new lease of life and it's so bloody girly. I don't know whether it's the 'Molly Goddard' vibes that I'm trying to squeeze out of it, but I love it and want to wear it all the time. I added a long sleeve top underneath due to the miserable weather but I like how it turned out and I'm excited to try pair different items together. 

As for the culottes, I'm in love with these too! Normally I would've gone for black but as I have the famous pleated culottes from Topshop, I wanted to mix it up with this gorgeous deep blue colour. I can't wait to wear them for nights out during this festive season but also with baggy vintage tees and huge jumpers.

What are your fave new pieces? 
C x


  1. Love the navy trousers, such a beaut colour! Hair looks amaze to <3

  2. I love this outfit! Your ruffle top is gorgeous and I'm obsessed with your velvet culottes, they are lovely :)

    El xx



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