Major Autumnal Vibes


Coat : Henry Holland  (similar)
Jumper : Urban Outfitters (other colour)
Jeans : Vintage Levi's (new)
These have to be some of the most autumnal (outfit) photos I have ever seen / modeled for / participated in and I’m loving it. I am definitely feeling the colours of my leopard print coat with the transitioning leaves and outdoorsy / greenhouse vibes: then with the green, grey and denim to tie it all together, I must say I’m very happy with the combo.

We (my boyfriend and I) took these photos whilst visiting Quarry Bank Mill to help with my most current university project where I focused on the Victorian Era. But whilst we were there, we obviously took the opportunity to shoot in this beautiful place (thank you Sam for being a major whiz behind the camera).

I’m going to wrap this post up here as I’ve recently been in conflict with long personal posts vs short, snappy, 'tell me where your top is from' posts. I haven’t got a problem with either; in fact I love reading both so I think it’s nice to have balance, which is something I am working on and considering. What do I want from this, what do I want to talk about, how do I want to present myself? It’s probably not that deep but you get the idea.

I’m sure I’ll be back soon with a long and boring post about style and finding out who I am, because when am I not writing about those subjects?

C x


Figuring out the weird


It's 22.04 on a Saturday evening and I'm coming to terms with my crap, work / life balance. Since coming back to uni, I've been trying to find routine to bring order to all the shit I have to complete for every deadline. Taking 12 months away to go on placement was an incredible experience that I don't regret at all but I never really considered how it would change and effect my return to uni. 

I relied so heavily on making it through any tough times in London by remembering I would be back up north surrounded by a community I felt at home in. I didn't consider how much placement would effect myself, my views and opinions as well as everyone else who went away too. I was so excited and ready to come and embrace being a fashion student for another 9 months before calling myself a graduate (well fingers crossed anyway).

That being said, settling in took me a while but I am so happy to be back in Manchester and I am incredibly inspired to be back working on projects. But coming to terms with my mental health around this time last year, it's making me reflect on who I am today.  Through out my first and second year I never really noticed or can remember experiencing the way I feel now, back then, so I think that's another stepping stone I'm having to face. 
Being aware of my mental health and coming back to my final year, it almost feels like starting from scratch on how to make things work for me. On placement year, I knew it all mattered in finding the small things that made me happy, taking it a day at a time, then spending time doing what I wanted to do. Having different systems in place that helped me when things got a little too much, really alliviated some of the stress I may have been feeling. Uni is different, there's modules, sometimes 4-5 projects at a time, all the work and pressure that comes with it (mainly from myself). Then there's socialising and maintaining friendships and relationships as well ensuring there's time made for yourself, plus many other things to consider.

Sometimes I feel like I'm crashing and other days I feel like you know what Chlo, you're doing alright, you got this. I guess that sums up my mental health and it's something I'm working on. Getting that routine and that balance in working but finding time for me and those that I love. 

Mental health doesn't just stay the same, that wouldn't make sense. As humans we're constantly changing and developing, so our mental health changes with us. I never really considered it until the past few months, some days will be easier and some a bit harder, and that's okay. I'm working on making it work for me.

C x

Red Shutter Monochrome


Jacket : Vintage
Jumper : Universal Works
Trousers : Pull & Bear (sale)
Old Skools - ASOS
Tote - Goodhood
So these photos have been waiting weeks to be put into a post and actually get published too. I have quite a few photos in storage but with the proscratinator and perfectionist in me, can't seem to make them into published posts anymore. 

Anyway before uni started, Sam and I went to Liverpool for the day as it's only a short train ride away from Manchester. We spent the day wondering around and seeing what the city had to offer as I'd never been before. After a walk down side streets, we spotted this red shutter outside a bar and knew it would the perfect backdrop for the monochrome outfit I was sporting that day. 

White or cream trousers and jeans were the 'it' thing over summer but after buying these in the sale towards the end of the glorious weather, I knew I still wanted to find someway to get use out of them. Welcome the big grey jumper and oversized denim jacket. Perfect partners for the upcoming colder months, espeically now residing back up north. 

Here's to being a true Britain and trying to wear our clothes all year round despite the awful change in weathers. 
C x

Seaside School Girl


Tee : &Other Stories (similar)
Skirt : Charity Shop
Straw Hat : Typical tourist shop (don't judge) (similar)
Workshirt : Vintage
Birkenstocks : Office
Maison Kitsune : 18Montrose (similar)

Location : Torquay
Photography : Emily 
I know what you were probably expecting with a title like this; an American Apparel tennis skirt, crop top and piggytails like some budget Britney Spears 'Oops I did it again...'. Well I'm sorry to disappoint that this outfit couldn't be further from that. This is more St.Trinians, Girls only School, on a trip to the beach vibes. Not very 'sexy' at all.

This outfit is probably my favourite out of everything I wore whilst on holiday (also my boyfriends fave so win win). The skirt I managed to pick up from a Charity Shop whilst wondering round one of the many small towns in East Devon. It has pockets which is obviously the best feature and I can't wait to wear it with thick jumpers and Dr Marten boots in the Autumn / Winter (I mean summer is basically over for us Brits now). 
The boater hat is something I have been after for years (okay well maybe not that long) but I could never find one that fit my head properly. I spotted this one whilst half way through eating my subway (glamorous I know) and tried it on asap (well once I'd finished said Subway, I wasn't going to leave my food???). Long story short, the hat is now mine and will remind me of British Summer Holidays forevermore. 

The bag is a gift from my wonderful boyfriend (I wrote that myself, he didn't force me to say it...) and it's a lovely addition to my growing tote bag collection. It's an incredible pastel lilac colour and has the signature Maison Kitsune logo on the front. I think it works really well with the blues and white in this outfit, which is what my wardrobe 85% consists of. 

I hope you're all have lovely weekends!
C x


Pink and Red - a new me?


T-shirt : Carhartt
Tulle slip : H&M
Levi's : Blue Rinse

Location : Nottingham 
Major thanks to my boyfriend for knowing about this amazing turquoise blue shutter backdrop to help showcase this wonderful combo I wore the other day and am completely in love with.

I have mentioned before (approximately 20532 times) how my style changes and I go through many a style identity crisis'. Following so many amazing gals (and guys) on instagram and pinterest, gives me major style envy. Sometimes I get so much inspiration that I just don't know where to start and end up wanting to try it all at once.

This outfit is definitely influenced by others and I guess that what fashion is all about sometimes, trying new things out to then find what you can truly define as your 'signature' style. 
I feel I have kept this look 'me' with 501's that never leave my body, funky socks and my old skools. It's about trying new things, new colours and new shapes but adding those 'comfortable' pieces bring you back to a happy place rather than feeling so unlike yourself that you wish you never ever bought the bright red tulle top in the first place!

Here's to future style ruts, finding ways out of them and being inspired to give new things a chance. 

C x

Recent things


Hello! Bonjour! Hola! 

It's been a while, which I feel is going to be a reoccurring thing here but hey that's what I said was going to happen! I wanted to share a few things that have happened recently. A few favourites, a few thoughts, and what not. It has been quite nice writing this, as a reminder on what's happened this week (well the past few weeks in this case) so I think this may be the first on many!
1. Family BBQ's - Last weekend Sam and I went to my family home for a big family party and I haven't felt so content and chilled in a long time. It was a small technology based detox with countryside walks, delicious burgers and good company. Well needed and very much deserved. 

2. Little Orange Notebook - The past few months I have been keeping a little notebook in my bag at all times. It means I can draw, keep notes and write down any thoughts I have whilst on the go. If you follow me on instagram you'll see more on what I get up to!

3. Film Cameras - After spending the last 12 months or so carrying round disposable cameras, I decided to buy myself a little point and shoot. I bought a Minolta from eBay before heading to Berlin in March and have since bought a Canon (charity shop) and now the latest is the little Nikon above (thank you Dad for picking up for £1 at a carboot). I've purchased a vintage red record box to keep all my photos in and there's something so warming about having physical photos and memories to look back on. It's a hobby I'm definitely growing more confident in and having a boyfriend and sister who shoots film also helps a lot!

4. Being ill - I got really ill the end of last weekend and I have spent the last few days off work, lying in bed trying to recover from the dreaded flu, I lost my voice and was sniffling every 5 minutes (sorry not sorry for tmi). Although being sick is quite annoying, it has reminded me that it's important to listen to my body more and take time out. 

5. Podcasts - Annoyingly the same time I got into listening to Podcasts on my daily commute, my headphones break so I had to start using those shitty ones Apple give you when you buy a new phone. Anyway, I have started listening to Podcasts more and more recently instead of listening to music or reading a book on my way to work and I have to say I'm really enjoying it. It is a little worrying that I catch myself smiling or nodding in agreement whilst stood on a busy tube though. Saying that,  my current faves are Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton's 'At Home With...' and I love 'Hey, It's Ok...' by Glamour Magazine. I also listened to Estee Lalonde's new podcast ' The Heart of it" and really enjoyed that too. I'd love to hear your recommendations as you can probably tell, I'm only a beginner into this!

C x


Last few weeks


A small collection of imagery sharing what I've been up to the past few weeks / months. Follow my instagram to keep up to date with my goings on!

Where have you been?


I'm writing this 6 weeks after my last post on here, and funnily enough it was me writing to say thank you to everyone that follows me because I reached 100+ followers on bloglovin'. I also said I was gonna stick around for a little while longer. Maybe not the best time for a blogging hiatus but meh, feelings of inadequacy took over and I was questioning why I was bothering. 

I've had drafts set up but I just didn't feel like sharing anything. I wasn't particularly enamored by posting on instagram either which we all know is the holy grail of life and if you don't post approximately 253 photos a month, then are you really a millennial?
Anyway the point I think I'm trying to make is that I didn't want to write, so I didn't have to. I write posts like this a lot, so it's to no surprise that this bitch is back with yet another one, but it's my space on the internet so why the diddly can I not write what I want.

My current personal aim is to get some confidence and to really love myself. I know that it's in their somewhere, I just have to find a way to bring it out to life so that we can become bff's. Maybe I need to try serenading it? Write it a heartfelt love letter about how I can't be without it? Send it some flowers and tell it it's the only one for me?

Saying that, I know I'm way more confident than I used to be but I definitely have a long way to go. I want to feel confident enough in the outfits I wear, in the way I present myself to others and in the daily choices I make. I've deleted really old posts that I just wasn't happy with or didn't feel they were me, and that I was posting them for other people rather than myself. That's something I'm trying to learn and carry out, in all aspects of my life, I've got to do things for me, not for anyone else (I swear I'm not being a major drama queen).
You're definitely all bored and fed up of hearing me whine and moan about the same old crap but with a brain like mine, it's only natural for me to let my insecurities take over sometimes!! I want to be able to talk and share them because a problem shared, is a problem halved.

I don't just want to talk about clothes all the time, well I do cause I have a total passion 4 fashion and that's the reason I started this blog; I was inspired by others doing it and I wanted to do the same. After a few years of on and off blogging, watching all the changes, I've learnt that although I may not post as often as I would like, or even post anything even remarkably life changing but it's something I enjoy. It was a way for me to share my thoughts, feelings and ideas and I'm not about to just give that up because the little voice in my head says i'm not good enough!
I want to carry on sharing all the crap emotional times see here and here, as well as all the cool shit I find in charity shops and exciting weekend trips. Life ain't all rose petals and sunshine so why should I try to constantly make it look like it is?

To round this post up, I will be sticking around (albeit a potentially little sporadically) and I do have ideas of photos and posts I want to share. I may think nobody really cares but 100+ follow me on bloglovin so there's got to be a least one of you that reads to the bottom of this post (congrats you've won $1302473, just kidding, sorry). So please just know that I am eternally grateful for the support. Here's to moving onward and upward, learning to love myself and gaining major ass, sorry I meant confidence. 

C x

101 blogging


Hello guys! Guess what?! This gal reached over 100 followers on bloglovin!!! Woo yay hooray!

Okay I'm chill, but yes I reached a pretty big milestone and I'm so happy / proud of myself... is that weird to say? Starting this blog when I was moving up to Art College and away from High School, finding myself and developing my style, it's been a long learning curve. I wrote recently about confidence, motivation and mental health and I'm excited to share more personal posts as well as my style evolution and so much more. This is my space and I just want to keep working and sharing things with you guys as well as using it as a platform I can look back on in years to come (and totally cringe at myself). 

Here's to everyone that follows to me, thank you so much for being so lovely and supportive with everything. I will continue to have my ups and downs but chloxlla (oh shit yeah, this stands for Chloe Ella by the way, Ella is my middle name) is here to stay for a while longer, so tag along for a weird, creative and wild ride.

C x

Finding my Chewing Gum


Weird title I know but once I explain, things will be a bit clearer (hopefully). I just wanted to share a thought I had whilst on the plane back to the UK after a recent trip to Berlin with my family (visual diary can be found here).

Going on holiday couldn't have come at a better time. Coming back to work after Christmas was quite 'hellish' to put it lightly; we jumped straight into manic mode with the new mixed men's and women's A17 show then we had collection reviews, lookbook shoots and the sample sale. It's been a very busy time but looking back I achieved a lot that I should remember to be more proud of. Being able to look back on something that I found very difficult at the time (more here if you wanna read about me opening up about my mental health issues) and now trying to see the positives let's me know that I am getting better and looking forward. Of course I still have bad days but I've learnt that taking each day as it comes and making it count really does help. I wanted to share this post now as it's Mental Health awareness week and we need to give the MH stigma the middle finger and start talking more.
Whilst being away we spent our time exploring the city, taking photos, seeing sights and soaking up the atmosphere which in turn gave me lots of inspiration with a new found motivation and confidence to be creative and push myself to do what I love. I study fashion; my sister is at art college currently in the midst of her final major project; my mum studied interiors and is now a primary school teacher as well as selling her own illustrations and last but not least my dad is a self employed graphic designer who also collects (almost) anything and everything from WW2. All in all you could say we're a very arty / creative family and we're all very supportive of one another and always there to help in times of need.
'You need to find that one piece of chewing gum that sparks the whole thing.' Or something along those lines.

These are some of the weirdest and wisest words I'll remember for the rest of my life, all thanks to my dad. Giving some context, in Berlin, specifically Potsdamer Platz there are a few free standing parts of the Berlin Wall just as you come out of one of the underground entrances. They're covered in chewing gum and looks really kind of gross if I'm honest (hence why there's no photographic evidence cause it really wasn't doing anything for me). Sat in Pizza Hut (don't judge, we needed pizza) on our last evening before heading out to see the Brandenburg Gate at night a topic arose in our family conversation about our time in Berlin and trying to find ways it can inspire us and motivate us. We were discussing how we all took photos of things differently despite being in the same place and how that reflects our personality, decisions and what really makes our creative brains tick. My dad looks at typography, my mom looks at colours and textures, my sister looks at pattern and I guess mine is a more 'documentary' inspired; even though we all visited the same places and saw the same sights, we came away for something that personally inspired us
Out of all those pieces of chewing gum on a historic piece of cement in the centre of Berlin you gotta find the one that represents you. 
Find that one piece that inspires you to be better, to be creative, to be motivated, to be who you want to be.

Being a creative is both the best possible thing ever as well as the most difficult. There's a constant battle of having all these amazing ideas at once but feeling you're not confident enough to execute them or that you might do a down right shit job of putting it into work. Someone on twitter recently described it as having 28474 different tabs open in your brain all at one time... crazy right? We are our own worst critic. There's no end to the amount of work we do because there's always ways to push it and make it better. It's easy to keep going until we run out of steam. Saying all this I wouldn't change it for the world, I just need to develop some much needed confidence and take over the world!!! (Just kidding, I don't wanna take over the world). This is just the 11.38pm post flight ramblings of a creative gal and I'm not really sure on the main purpose of this post other than to get my thoughts onto internet 'paper'.

A reminder to myself to be more confident in my choices, in who I am and what I want to represent. In the inspiring words on Ronan Keating 'Life is a rollarcoaster, you just gotta ride it'.

C x

P.s thank you for taking your time to 'listen' to me chat bollocks.

Subconscious outfit choices


Stripe tee - Boohoo
Distressed shirt - Boohoo
Levi 501's - Blue Rinse
CDG Converse - DSM

Working in an environment that has a very limited colour palette means the very small rebellious side of me, wants to start throwing on all sorts of colour and pattern combinations in an attempt to bring some personality and individuality to my clothing choices. Sounds weird when I say it out loud, or in this case type it out.

I guess I've never limited myself when it comes to clothing or accessories before and just went with what I liked. Growing up you shift through different styles depending on age, environment, relationships, trends and so on, but I think there's always some pattern in our subconscious decisions.  I know I've definitely been influenced by all of these things at some point in my life and I probably will be in the future. Which I think comes with learning who you are and what your 'style' is. Or on the flip side, I could be talking utter bollocks because this is the mind of a fashion student writing down a thought she's had recently.

Now I know this isn't exactly the most outrageous outfit I could have worn to enhance my thought process but it's here nonetheless. The colours in this are bold but still understated and therefore something I could wear to work. My choices in clothing are subject to whether I can wear them for my own enjoyment, as well as feeling confident wearing them to work too. This is something I'm getting slightly bored of, hence my rebellion (I'll use this term lightly). One of my most recent purchases is a faded red / orange denim mini skirt, that to be quite honest, I really don't think would be suitable for my place of work, which in a way makes me love it more.

It's made me realise how important clothing is to me which in turn sounds really materialistic and almost narcissistic but I don't think it's that at all. Each morning I can wake up and decide who I want to be that day. It gives me the confidence I otherwise lack (a post to come on that soon) to feel cool and sassy for the day... before I get back into my fluffy polka dot pyjamas and pink dressing gown.

C x

4 days in Berlin


If you follow me on instagram then you'll know that 2 weeks ago I went to Berlin with my family. It was a present from my wonderful parents as my sister turned 18 and I turned 21, so quite big and significant birthdays!
I love seeing blog posts on places people have visited as it gives me so much inspiration but I'm so awful at writing about places / my travels so I thought I would just collate a load of images I took on my 35mm film camera and share it that way. It was my first time using the camera so I'm still learning and getting to grips with it (even if it is just a point and shoot) but it's something I want to work on and get better at! 

I also shared a fair few photos on instagram so check those out too if you haven't already (shameless self promo).

Also I apologise now if you can't read my writing, my best friend can't so you wouldn't be the first!

If you want anymore information then give me an email (address is to the right) or send me a message on instagram or twitter!

C x

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