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Today's post is a short but fun one, to help mix things up and continue to share my personality on this little space of internet I call my own.

With work taking over my life, I have to make sure I do creative things for myself otherwise going back into final year will be a shock to the system. I thought I'd share a few faces I've drawn recently as they all fall under a similar style.
I love looking on Pinterest to find ways that will inform and inspire my own style, which has definitley changed over the last few years since studying art / fashion.

I'll be doing more posts like this, maybe once a month to share what I've been scribbling down. It's quite nice to look back on and maybe in the future I'll have an even weirder style. If you wanna keep up to date though, check my Instagram @chloxlla_ (shameless self promo). 

C x


  1. I LOVE THESE! I always see more abstract portraits on instagram and wish I was able to create one, I think they're so stunning and unique. I have never had the capability to draw well so envy everyone that can, they look amazing!
    Infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

  2. Lots of Pinterest inspiration helps! I'm sure if you out you're mind to it and just let yourself be freer with drawing then of course you could produce some wonderful things!


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