Outfit : Red and Yellow


Dress : Boohoo
Dr Martens (...will I ever wear different shoes)

I don't think I've looked so girly in a very long time but I feel so cute in this dress!
2016 has seen the rise of the embroidery, from dainty flowers to colourful snakes adorning everything from sweaters to boots and this trend is fair from over.

All black in a smock style with a simple red, yellow and white pattern, this dress is surprisingly easy to wear. Cuffed at the sleeves, it creates movement and a really pretty silhouette which enhances the whole look of the dress. 

Plus my nan loved it, so what more could you want from a dress?

C x



  1. Oh my god that is the cutest dress! If I was ever to wear one, it would be something like this.

    Meg | Elmpetra

  2. Love that embroidery detail! Always nice when grandma appreciates an outfit for sure, too many times mines been like what the hell are you wearing haha x



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