Subconscious outfit choices


Stripe tee - Boohoo
Distressed shirt - Boohoo
Levi 501's - Blue Rinse
CDG Converse - DSM

Working in an environment that has a very limited colour palette means the very small rebellious side of me, wants to start throwing on all sorts of colour and pattern combinations in an attempt to bring some personality and individuality to my clothing choices. Sounds weird when I say it out loud, or in this case type it out.

I guess I've never limited myself when it comes to clothing or accessories before and just went with what I liked. Growing up you shift through different styles depending on age, environment, relationships, trends and so on, but I think there's always some pattern in our subconscious decisions.  I know I've definitely been influenced by all of these things at some point in my life and I probably will be in the future. Which I think comes with learning who you are and what your 'style' is. Or on the flip side, I could be talking utter bollocks because this is the mind of a fashion student writing down a thought she's had recently.

Now I know this isn't exactly the most outrageous outfit I could have worn to enhance my thought process but it's here nonetheless. The colours in this are bold but still understated and therefore something I could wear to work. My choices in clothing are subject to whether I can wear them for my own enjoyment, as well as feeling confident wearing them to work too. This is something I'm getting slightly bored of, hence my rebellion (I'll use this term lightly). One of my most recent purchases is a faded red / orange denim mini skirt, that to be quite honest, I really don't think would be suitable for my place of work, which in a way makes me love it more.

It's made me realise how important clothing is to me which in turn sounds really materialistic and almost narcissistic but I don't think it's that at all. Each morning I can wake up and decide who I want to be that day. It gives me the confidence I otherwise lack (a post to come on that soon) to feel cool and sassy for the day... before I get back into my fluffy polka dot pyjamas and pink dressing gown.

C x

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