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Hello guys! Guess what?! This gal reached over 100 followers on bloglovin!!! Woo yay hooray!

Okay I'm chill, but yes I reached a pretty big milestone and I'm so happy / proud of myself... is that weird to say? Starting this blog when I was moving up to Art College and away from High School, finding myself and developing my style, it's been a long learning curve. I wrote recently about confidence, motivation and mental health and I'm excited to share more personal posts as well as my style evolution and so much more. This is my space and I just want to keep working and sharing things with you guys as well as using it as a platform I can look back on in years to come (and totally cringe at myself). 

Here's to everyone that follows to me, thank you so much for being so lovely and supportive with everything. I will continue to have my ups and downs but chloxlla (oh shit yeah, this stands for Chloe Ella by the way, Ella is my middle name) is here to stay for a while longer, so tag along for a weird, creative and wild ride.

C x

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