Finding my Chewing Gum


Weird title I know but once I explain, things will be a bit clearer (hopefully). I just wanted to share a thought I had whilst on the plane back to the UK after a recent trip to Berlin with my family (visual diary can be found here).

Going on holiday couldn't have come at a better time. Coming back to work after Christmas was quite 'hellish' to put it lightly; we jumped straight into manic mode with the new mixed men's and women's A17 show then we had collection reviews, lookbook shoots and the sample sale. It's been a very busy time but looking back I achieved a lot that I should remember to be more proud of. Being able to look back on something that I found very difficult at the time (more here if you wanna read about me opening up about my mental health issues) and now trying to see the positives let's me know that I am getting better and looking forward. Of course I still have bad days but I've learnt that taking each day as it comes and making it count really does help. I wanted to share this post now as it's Mental Health awareness week and we need to give the MH stigma the middle finger and start talking more.
Whilst being away we spent our time exploring the city, taking photos, seeing sights and soaking up the atmosphere which in turn gave me lots of inspiration with a new found motivation and confidence to be creative and push myself to do what I love. I study fashion; my sister is at art college currently in the midst of her final major project; my mum studied interiors and is now a primary school teacher as well as selling her own illustrations and last but not least my dad is a self employed graphic designer who also collects (almost) anything and everything from WW2. All in all you could say we're a very arty / creative family and we're all very supportive of one another and always there to help in times of need.
'You need to find that one piece of chewing gum that sparks the whole thing.' Or something along those lines.

These are some of the weirdest and wisest words I'll remember for the rest of my life, all thanks to my dad. Giving some context, in Berlin, specifically Potsdamer Platz there are a few free standing parts of the Berlin Wall just as you come out of one of the underground entrances. They're covered in chewing gum and looks really kind of gross if I'm honest (hence why there's no photographic evidence cause it really wasn't doing anything for me). Sat in Pizza Hut (don't judge, we needed pizza) on our last evening before heading out to see the Brandenburg Gate at night a topic arose in our family conversation about our time in Berlin and trying to find ways it can inspire us and motivate us. We were discussing how we all took photos of things differently despite being in the same place and how that reflects our personality, decisions and what really makes our creative brains tick. My dad looks at typography, my mom looks at colours and textures, my sister looks at pattern and I guess mine is a more 'documentary' inspired; even though we all visited the same places and saw the same sights, we came away for something that personally inspired us
Out of all those pieces of chewing gum on a historic piece of cement in the centre of Berlin you gotta find the one that represents you. 
Find that one piece that inspires you to be better, to be creative, to be motivated, to be who you want to be.

Being a creative is both the best possible thing ever as well as the most difficult. There's a constant battle of having all these amazing ideas at once but feeling you're not confident enough to execute them or that you might do a down right shit job of putting it into work. Someone on twitter recently described it as having 28474 different tabs open in your brain all at one time... crazy right? We are our own worst critic. There's no end to the amount of work we do because there's always ways to push it and make it better. It's easy to keep going until we run out of steam. Saying all this I wouldn't change it for the world, I just need to develop some much needed confidence and take over the world!!! (Just kidding, I don't wanna take over the world). This is just the 11.38pm post flight ramblings of a creative gal and I'm not really sure on the main purpose of this post other than to get my thoughts onto internet 'paper'.

A reminder to myself to be more confident in my choices, in who I am and what I want to represent. In the inspiring words on Ronan Keating 'Life is a rollarcoaster, you just gotta ride it'.

C x

P.s thank you for taking your time to 'listen' to me chat bollocks.

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