Pink and Red - a new me?


T-shirt : Carhartt
Tulle slip : H&M
Levi's : Blue Rinse

Location : Nottingham 
Major thanks to my boyfriend for knowing about this amazing turquoise blue shutter backdrop to help showcase this wonderful combo I wore the other day and am completely in love with.

I have mentioned before (approximately 20532 times) how my style changes and I go through many a style identity crisis'. Following so many amazing gals (and guys) on instagram and pinterest, gives me major style envy. Sometimes I get so much inspiration that I just don't know where to start and end up wanting to try it all at once.

This outfit is definitely influenced by others and I guess that what fashion is all about sometimes, trying new things out to then find what you can truly define as your 'signature' style. 
I feel I have kept this look 'me' with 501's that never leave my body, funky socks and my old skools. It's about trying new things, new colours and new shapes but adding those 'comfortable' pieces bring you back to a happy place rather than feeling so unlike yourself that you wish you never ever bought the bright red tulle top in the first place!

Here's to future style ruts, finding ways out of them and being inspired to give new things a chance. 

C x

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