Seaside School Girl


Tee : &Other Stories (similar)
Skirt : Charity Shop
Straw Hat : Typical tourist shop (don't judge) (similar)
Workshirt : Vintage
Birkenstocks : Office
Maison Kitsune : 18Montrose (similar)

Location : Torquay
Photography : Emily 
I know what you were probably expecting with a title like this; an American Apparel tennis skirt, crop top and piggytails like some budget Britney Spears 'Oops I did it again...'. Well I'm sorry to disappoint that this outfit couldn't be further from that. This is more St.Trinians, Girls only School, on a trip to the beach vibes. Not very 'sexy' at all.

This outfit is probably my favourite out of everything I wore whilst on holiday (also my boyfriends fave so win win). The skirt I managed to pick up from a Charity Shop whilst wondering round one of the many small towns in East Devon. It has pockets which is obviously the best feature and I can't wait to wear it with thick jumpers and Dr Marten boots in the Autumn / Winter (I mean summer is basically over for us Brits now). 
The boater hat is something I have been after for years (okay well maybe not that long) but I could never find one that fit my head properly. I spotted this one whilst half way through eating my subway (glamorous I know) and tried it on asap (well once I'd finished said Subway, I wasn't going to leave my food???). Long story short, the hat is now mine and will remind me of British Summer Holidays forevermore. 

The bag is a gift from my wonderful boyfriend (I wrote that myself, he didn't force me to say it...) and it's a lovely addition to my growing tote bag collection. It's an incredible pastel lilac colour and has the signature Maison Kitsune logo on the front. I think it works really well with the blues and white in this outfit, which is what my wardrobe 85% consists of. 

I hope you're all have lovely weekends!
C x


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  1. This is such a cool outfit! Love the school girl look and this especially reminds me of the fashion from The Craft :)
    Feel free to check out my latest post x


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