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Photography by my wonderful Boyfriend Sam (mosquerasam on instagram)

I'm writing this 7 days into the new year which is typical of me when it comes to blogging. I originally had a post pre-written that reflected on 2017; what had happened, what I'd learnt, what I was planning on doing next... but there was this omnious vibe to it all, as I wasn't in an great mental space at the time. Now, I'm not saying I didn't have an incredble Christmas and New Years, because I did. I  was able to switch off, relax and spend time with my amazing family and boyfriend, it was just the idea of going back to uni and facing reality that really didn't sound very inviting to me.

So, instead of posting something I knew I would potentially later regret (I've posted plenty of MH related pieces so I know when something feels right, and when something doesn't), I decided to delete it entirely and just carry on entering the new year, focusing on me and what I needed. Saying all that, it would be weird not to acknolwedge that we have now entered 2018 without some kind of blog post. 

Without further ado, I want to share 5 things I want to achieve in the next 12 months. There will be  none of that, 'I will be a better person', 'I'll stop eating less chocolate', 'I'll do a facemask every week without fail', yada yada... because I'll only be setting myself up for failure.

Let's face it, we don't need anymore of that in our lives. Instead, I want to look at goals I can set myself. I want to try discover what is it that I really want to get out of the near future. So, after awhile spent thinking, I came up with a couple of ideas.

1. Go on Holiday
Last year I was lucky enough to go on two holidays with my family. Berlin was the first trip and was a present for myself and my sister's birthday and it was so much fun exploring a new city - especially when it's a city that I've wanted to visit for a while. Secondly we went to Devon during the summer for my dads birthday, which again I have incredibly fond memories of.

This year I want to make sure I visit somewhere new again. As a family we're planning to visit somewhere in Europe once more as we had such a good time in Berlin. Sam and I are hopefully planning to visit Lisbon in the summer as we both need a relaxing sunny break, plus we've both wanted to go for ages. I'd also like to go away somewhere with my best friend Soph; come June we'll have both finished at uni so we deserve a holiday together after the trauma of final year!

2. Buy some big girl boots
Okay in the grand scheme of things, this isn't a major goal but it's one I want to achieve nonetheless. It's hard not to be influenced by bloggers and instagram users in this day and age, so it's no surprise I want to experiement with my style and try new things (see an upcoming post about this soon). On my list of things I want - alongside many other things - is a pair of grown up boots. I'm talking mid-calf, slight heel, maybe in a snakeskin or something a bit different! I'm a bit fussy ain't I.

3. Graduate and get a job
This is quite a big and important goal that I would like to achieve. Over the next few months I will be battling to hell and back with my final year at university... so goodbye positive mental health, sleep and social life, because there ain't time for you round here at the moment! If I can just make it through the next 4 months, then I can see graduation at the end of the tunnel.

I also dream of finding a graduate job at the end of it all - so fingers crossed on that too, because right now I'm not really sure what it is that I want to do!

4. Learn how to cook
Now, I'm not saying that I can't cook, because in layman's terms I can, I just can't do it very well or confidentally. 2018 will be the year (well, maybe the latter of the year), that I become a more confident cook and can tackle something a little more sophisticated than Quorn Nuggets and Oven Chips!!

5. Create more
I have to admit the last 2 points are more 'develop through the year goals', whereas, the other 3 are more fixed-term goals. Anyway, the final ambition is to create more. I'm leaving this broad as I want to experiement with different things; weaving, painting, photography, blogging, drawing. Whilst I'm studying fashion at university I have the opportunity to work creatively all year, however, once I begin a 'real life' full-time job, I won't have this opportunity and freedom as often - so I want to remember to remain creative and to consistently be working on new and exciting projects.

I hope this has given you some insight into my year ahead, it may have even given you some ideas for your own goals, or perhaps it's helped you decide 'fuck resolutions, I'm doing it my way'. Either way, I wish everyone the best 2018, we're in this together.

C x

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