Self identity and Who I want to be


Jacket : Charity
Roll neck : Primark
501 Levis : Pop Boutique
Church Boots : Dr Martens
Beret : Pop Boutique 

Photography : Sam Mosquera

In this post I kind of wanted to talk about my dissertation / research topic. I’m not going to bore you with the 8,000 words my dissertation requires so don’t worry, but it’s a topic I do find interesting and wanted to discuss some of my thoughts on this lil space of mine. I also think it works quite nicely as the first major post of the year (if I do say so myself).

Through social media (such as instagram, twitter and the blogging world), it’s no shock that we are all in some way influenced by what each other is getting up to. We are influenced by what others wear, where they go to eat and where they do their weekly shopping -  but my question is 'how does this then impact our own personal identity and real life choices?'.  Now I’m not writing this post to crack the answer and solve all identity crises but more to share my thoughts on it.
To put it in context, I joined the blogging world years ago after seeing two Danish sisters start their own blog sharing what they wore on the weekends and outside of what they wore to school. I thought it was one the most inspirational and greatest ideas ever, giving me that sense of, ‘This is what I want to do too'. Even as a little girl I would be drawing clothes that would be for make-believe shops I had invented and imagined the latest celebs wearing them to music award events. So it’s no surprise I wanted to join the world of blogging as well as working my way to a fashion design degree.

After ‘blogging’ on and off for so long and being the age I am, I do recognise being heavily influenced by what are others are doing and I’m starting to make sense of why I want to carry on. Finding a sense of personal identity in the way we dress has become so important in portraying an ideal image of who you are on the internet. But what if I don’t want that? I’ve realized that I’m not gonna have my style figured out for a long time and that’s okay, I’m here to document it and laugh at myself along the way. After Chloe’s post about who she wants to be on the internet it spoke true to me that, yeah I’m not the next big star, but I’m doing this for me. I like writing (even if its shite half the time) and I like styling, taking photos and sharing my amazing vintage purchases, so that’s why I’m here.

I follow so many incredible females (and the occasional male) and to be honest, I am happy to be influenced by them. To make me question my own fashion choices; 'Would I really like that if I hadn't seen it on her first' or 'Did I just need to see someone else styling it in a new and funky way that screams ‘oh my god yas this is what I needed’'. The point is, it's okay not to like everything you see other people doing, it’s okay to have an opinion, to help inform your own decisions on what you do like, and don't like. It's okay to be and do what you want to do. 

Catch me in a couple of weeks when I’m moaning about some quarter life crisis I seem to be continuously going through.

C x

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