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Guernsey : Flea Market (similar)
Wool Skirt : Beyond Retro (similar 1 / 2 / 3)
Spot tights : Primark (similar)
Earrings : Milktooth
Bag : Vintage (similar 1 / 2)

Photographer : @mosquerasam

If you're an original follower back years ago on instagram and on here, then you may know that I'm extremely intruiged and excited by second hand shopping. I don't seem to share a lot of that side anymore, which may be due to uni priorities and living on a student budget with no part time job (the joys of a fashion degree). Since working on my dissertation which I briefly spoke about here, I've found myself being more aware of the negative effects of the high street. I can't say that whilst parading around in Primark roll necks and tights because that would be quite the contradiction. I still continue to buy high street clothingand will do far into the future, I even have a blog post coming up featuring this knit dress I've recently bought from Asos. By becoming more aware, which is probably down to my dissertation research, I have decided to try and cut down high street shopping and do my bit. 

I obviously don't want to sound preachy because I'm very last person you should come to about that. I'm in no way here to spout hate or be a negative nancy about fashion at all, I mean I've studied textiles and fashion for almost 8 years of my life!

This post is more of a discussion, or a means, to let you know that I'm bringing vintage back. 
*queue Justin Timberlake*
I mean it never went away, you always see me tagging similar items because I'm wearing old season stock or I've bought it from a charity shop, but I wanted to properly address it. With rarely buying newly released clothing and spending more time on eBay than I care to discuss, it helps make sense to introduce it here. I mean seriously some send help on my eBay addiction, my boyfriend can vouch on how bad it gets.

I love vintage shopping, going to flea markets, rummaging through charity shops and finding all the perfect gems! I wanted this blog to be a true reflection of who I am and what I get up to, so why not share more of what I love? With no real agenda to what this will entail, I hope you can bare with me as I introduce this exciting venture onto my blog (and instagram too). I mean you may have to wait until my degree comes to an end and I manage to find a fab graduate job to fill my bank account back up!

Quickly onto a brief discussion of the outfit which is pretty much all vintage / independant, and also a different look for me. I picked up the Red Guernsey knit whilst visiting a monthly flea market my family and I go to, which has become a welcome addition as I realised I was missing lots of colour and pattern from my wardrobe.

Gone are the days where I'd want to be in monochrome or muted colours, I'm longing for something with more colour, pattern and print within my closet. Now I'm not about to go crazy here, but we all know that dressing during winter and the colder months can be boring as hell. I wanna stick to my style roots but start injecting a bit of life into an otherwise dreary outfit, which is where finding this lil' red beauty has come in handy! It's such a thick knit which I wouldn't expect any less from a Guernsey, so obviously I was ecstatic!

Paring with this midi wool skirt that I've had around 12 months after finding it in Beyond Retro, it created a more dressed up outfit. This is why I felt it was a bit out of my comfort zone, I almost felt too grown up. Because of this I decided on polka dot tights rather than plain black, and these amazing earrings from Milktooth London, to make the outfit more fun and a bit more 'me'.

Fashion and styling is about having fun, trying new things out and potentially looking back in a few years time and thinking 'what the hell was going on here?!'. I mean I'd do that now but all my old posts are gone in order to start fresh, so check back in a few years instead.

C x

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