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Warning: this post is going to be quite heavy so if you're just here for the photos (I don't blame you) then I hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them!

I almost don't know where to start it's been that long since I sat and wrote something down!!! But I have finally completed all my deadlines for final year which is an insane feeling if I'm being completely honest! Uni definitely became a priority for me since coming back after Christmas (okay the whole of this year) and I'm so glad that I put myself and my education first because I am so proud of how much I have achieved and how far I have come since applying for the course on UCAS back in 2014.

Now that I have a bit more time on my hands, I want to set aside more time to focus on doing the things that I love - which I necessarily haven't had the time to do over the past 12 months, especially without the guilt anyway. I still can't escape universities 'life' structure and organisation so I have wrote a small list (lets call it a bucket list so it sounds better) of things I want to set myself to do over the next few weeks / months before I enter back into the working world. This blog is definitely one of those loves I have neglected - and always seem to neglect - but after discussing with my boyfriend on its direction, I think I have an idea.

It's time to stop putting pressure on myself to post, to do this for myself and maybe a few of you nosey folk out there, so I've decided to make it more of an extension of my instagram / an online diary. I can pop a few photos on here, with a small or long explanation depending how I'm feeling and then hit the post button. It means I can put everything together in one place, sharing my days out, latest vintage finds or even just sharing the endless list of shoes I am lusting after! Afterall this blog is an extension of myself and the things I love, which leads me onto sharing what I got up to the weekend just gone.

With no pressures from looming uni deadlines, Sam and I wanted a fun weekend to celebrate the achievement of finishing university five-ever (longer than four-ever) and my graduate fashion show being a success (see here). Saturday we went to see the Faye Wei Wei exhibition at the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, something I was particularly excited for as she is one of my favourite London based artists. It was so inspiring to see work from artists you admire up close! I almost want to go back again just for another look before the exhibiton closes early June.

We then visited Manchester Art Gallery to see what the new exhibitions were like; it's nice to be able to walk into galleries and musuems right on our doorstep and is something I would always consider when moving somewhere new. Anyway, I was inspired by the vases in one of the exhibition rooms, where I decided to channel my inner Amy Hodkin and take photos to draw from afterwards. Even though I predominantley draw fashion illustrations, I want to make an effort into expanding my style and drawing new things. I'm constantly inspired by peoples own unique styles and I'm incredibly excited by it, so this summer I just want to stay inspired and try lots of new drawing, collaging, creative techniques!

Sunday was meant to be another day of museum visits but this time in Liverpool, which didn't actually go to plan due to northern trains being annoying, so we tried to think of things we could do within Manchester. Living about 10 minutes away from Didsbury we decided to try the Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens as the weather was so beautfiul and we knew we wanted to make the most of it. So after a short bus journey we had the loveliest time soaking up all the vitamin D, walking around the amazing Rockery and drinking beer before an incredible tea of prawn gyozas, katsu curry and vegetable fritters (Shout out to the Marks & Spencer £10 Mix & Match Deal).

Gold Star for making it to the bottom! Thank you so much for looking / reading / being a part of this!
C x

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