Interviews, thoughts and visit to the Tate Britain


Hello me again! 

I think I'm gonna keep this one short and sweet(ish) because I have lots of thoughts brewing in my head but I'm not quite sure how to articulate them just yet. So for the moment I'm gonna share some lovely lovely photos (if I say so myself) that I took whilst I had a few hours to spare in London (after an interview...). I did say I was going to try treat this space like an online journal, an extension of my Instagram (well as best as I can at the moment, considering how crap it is). Anyway...

Even though I spent 12 months living in London whilst on placement, I don't think I really explored as much as I could have. This is something I want to improve should I move back (because of said interview, but more on that another day) and really make the most of living in a new city. So whilst I had a few hours 'to waste' I thought I'd visit Tate Britain, just a short walk from Victoria station through some incredibly lovely residential areas (photos from this may come in a part 2 to this post as I have to wait for some film to be developed). 

It was an incredibly beautiful building and exhibition space, with an amazing layout featuring pieces of art that go from room to room in chronological order depending on the time period, which apeases organised people like me. I was kind of pressed for time (I like to be at the station really early ok) I thoroughly enjoyed being in the space and would definitely go again to really take it all in and make sure I didn't miss anything, because I'm pretty certain I did this time round.
If you're in the area I'd definitely recommend checking it out, in the meantime I hope you enjoy the few photos I did take!

C x

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