Weekend in London


First of all, I have to start this post by saying WHAT THE HELL WAS MY LIFE LAST WEEK?! If you follow me on instagram you'll already know (or will have guessed) this is about showcasing my final collection at Graduate Fashion Week! I honestly can't put into words how rewarding it was to share my outfit in London and to speak to so many inspiring companies and individuals! I'm gonna share this photo on here because I just gotta show everyone my very own backstage photo, of the model wearing my clothes at my show (a big pinch me moment)!!!!!

Moving on from the incredibly weird and crazy day that was my show, we managed to sneak in a bit of time to explore some musuems on the last day. We were hoping for a bit more time but the exhibition space at GFW kept calling me back, so fingers crossed something comes from all the connections I made! 
Anyway, Sam had never ventured to South Kensington before so we went there for the Natural History Museum and the V&A as well as some much needed japanese food from Wasabi. It was so nice to just dump our bags for a few hours and wonder round all the amazing rooms there, we also had a sit out in the courtyard of the V&A which is still one of my fave spaces in London.

This was super quick with some small chit chat but it's nice to share my weekend with no pressure, other than showing some photos I took and telling you what I got up to! 

C x

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