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I do this every time but how do you even start a blog post without sounding weird? Anyway, post graduate life is continuing on and so is the weirdness that follows, as I mentioned in my previous post the other day, im still trying to fully find the words that form the sentences I'm trying to make. This post is kind of on the wavelength of things I'm talking about, which is creating content, listening to myself in who I am, the style I have and what I want. I mean it shouldn't be that deep but as some who is creative with anxious tendancies it's easy to dwell and let thoughts consume when they shouldn't really be taking up that much space. But if I can't think / type freely here, and to potentially help anyone else out there, or even myself then what's the point in posting my personal ramblings!

Blogging is always a topic I talk about when I funnily enough, write a blog post so it's no news when it returns as a thought. Now that I'm finished with uni, I've been putting pressure on myself to continue creating, taking photos, going places, drawing, designing, connecting with others and so much more, and to be honest it gets too much sometimes. But with putting all this pressure on myself I end up doing nothing and playing Harry Potter lego instead (reliving my childhood ok). I mean I have just spent the past 4 years studying a degree, and all my life before that has been education so maybe a bit of time off before starting my graduate job is deserved.

I had the conversation with my boyfriend on how I want my blog (and Instagram) to go, which I'm surprised he's not sick of because I do bring it up a lot. Using Instagram has become so much harder to use because of the dreaded, god awful algorithm and whilst it shouldn't get me down, it does. I also know I'm not the first person to say this either. These thoughts are now a few weeks old, which is why I've come to some kind of conclusion and resolved things a little but they're still underlying somewhere in my lil brain.

It's time I start listening to myself, and what I want to create for myself. Instead of being so influenced by what others are doing and trying to become someone I'm not; which is fine if you're still learning and deciding because believe me, I've been trying to find my style for years but I think I'm finally getting there. So this is the perfect outfit to accompany these thoughts! 

Vintage, easy, natural colours, tactile and more aware of my fashion consumption and where it comes from. All these years of trying styles will no doubt continue in some areas, with buying the odd thing I just 'have to try out' but this outfit feels me and I'm happy about it. Whilst sharing photos on Instagram doesn't get me the reach I sometimes hope for, I'm trying to just share content that makes me happy and feels more me. Which is all that we can ever do really?

C x

Jacket : Charity Shop
Tshirt : H&M
Skirt : Charity Shop
Converse : Offspring

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