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Hello again, I'm trying to start writing more, blogging more, creating more and so on, so forth but working full time is tiring and hard!! But I'm hoping that with settling more and more each week (I mean we've been in London 2 months now) that I'll slowly gain more balance that everyone seems to be reaching for.

I haven't really sat and done a major chatty post for a while which to be honest has been quite nice because sometimes I get so overwhelmed with the idea of having to have something perfectly written every time I post something. Well let me tell you, I'm god awful at writing at times so bloody hell it's nice to get away with writing bare minimum sometimes, or to even write like this, dead chatty and think what the hell it'll seem friendly and personal.

Anyway I thought I'd start with sharing some photos I have taken over the past few weeks of us being here. I'm forgetful and really not self disciplined with posting said photos despite wanting to share what I'm up to for the world to see. I'm also a bit slow with actually posting said posts, or photos despite them being drafted up for well over 2-3 weeks so it's starts to get confusing and times don't add up. But at the end of the day, I just wanna share some nice photos and just write down all my weird and wonderful thoughts so here we are.

Not many people read or see my blog, but that's okay because it's here for me and those that do sit and read (I'm always very very grateful and always up for a chat). I've been trying to learn to do things for myself, and pushing myself to do those things. I'm an incredibly creative person, I can never sit still and always have to be doing something so I just want this and instagram to become more of an online diary. Less of, seeing how about numbers and views, and more for my own pleasure and personal encouragement... I wonder how long that will last.

That's enough of that, maybe one day I'll write a post about it, about me, or maybe I won't. Enjoy these few photos I put together!

C x

Evening beach walks


This weekend was truly needed and I'd go as far as saying, it was well deserved. 

Having moved to London around 8 weeks ago seems completely insane because so much has happened in a short space of time and it has gone by so quickly. Whilst we've been living here, Sam and I haven't had the chance to head back to see our families, which is a really long time for myself (I will happily go home a couple times a month) so this weekend we went back up towards Manchester.

As I have probably mentioned, we moved to London with a few suitcases and bags crammed with as much as possible, leaving behind boxes of possessions that meant we have been living with bare minimum (I mean this is probably quite nice for some). This may sound silly to some, but I'm very much a home person, I like to make wherever I am living feel like home so not having all our belongings got to me at times, especially when you're trying to settle in a new place. So over weekend meant we could see Sam's family, celebrate his birthday and be reunited with lots more of our belongings. 

On Saturday evening, we went to a secluded beach, one of those word of mouth places that the locals know about. It was honestly incredible and very much needed to stand on the sand, looking out at the low tide, picking up shells and taking in as much fresh air as possible. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of city life, but I get agitated when I know that I need some time out in the countryside. Thankfully my family, and Sam's both live in lovely parts of the country so going home for weekend, feels like a well needed retreat.

C x

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